Saturday, May 5, 2018


I don't think political ideology has the depth of energy  or endurance   to lead our culture to a genuinely higher unified  ground.

But politics, as Plato  says here,  does show us our own tragically divided, ethically decaying situation. Political involvement and interest  is essential  but will never be the sufficient  answer for  necessary change.

 Our collective mass mind is in dire need of being lifted to a truly higher level of human consciousness, above our polarites and  mean spirited differences....a consciousness historically different than ever before and now essential  to enter a brighter more whole new epoch for humankind and creation. Without such a successful transition now our species will have failed what evolution had tried to  prepare us to sufficiently expand consciousness in the world. We can i stead  become another dead end in evolutionary progress and a new path will be tried.. We will have eliminated ourselves.

There are bridges in place that are ready to serve this change  from our past epoch of say 2000 years  to the new one. Many disciplines and institutions would serve as bridges  of such a transition and include ...politics, all the branches of serious science,  relevant government and social institutions, social media, religious traditions, technology, formal education, depth psychology etc.

But none of these combined can have the energy and stamina needed to raise us to the new collective consciousness our situation  is evolutionarily demanding.

 In short only an unexpected  transformation of the collective psyche , a dawning  of mind and heart after a long spiritual night ,  of a refreshed  world view and value can propel us successfully beyond our  insistent stale mate. Such an awakening is   best described (in ancient  nearly forgotten Sacred symbolc   story) as a 'religious'  collective kind of experience.  (UFO..sybolism that  suddenly captured the modern human  mind set is a mild version of such a  psychological or 'soul' dynamic)

 Such a  needed natural consciousness raising  phenomenon in our present times   is  the only dynamic capable of sponsoring  a  unifying shift in all our present diversities, polarities  and  seeming pluralistic  chaos.

Careful reflection on our unique evolutionary and historical situation worldwide  can bring the sane  and open minded human to gasp and mean it, "God  now help us a little bit".

Friday, March 23, 2018

FROM 'THE ZEST FOR LIFE' by Teilhard de Chardin....March 23, 2018

An excerpt below from this book by perhaps the most genuinely positive thinking genius in modern times -  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. This lecture excerpt from the 'Zest for Living' was censored in 1950 by the Vatican.  It was published after his death.

This enriching concept 'zest for life'(not the reality escaping 'positive thinking' of recent decades)  I think is very noticeably missing in most present emphases of prevalent disciplines of human knowledge, social structures,  politics   and dominant religious interpretations. Yet how urgently is such a genuine  science enriched objective optimism needed?

De Chardin's grasp of both a primordial  natural faith  within our reach and scientific evolution are the foundation of his seminal  works where  intellect and heart extraordinarily  combine.

Monday, March 19, 2018


For an objective person in our times it is not easy, and can be simply another fantasy escape, to have a hopeful view of  the world's future. I see in  an article today where even  the brilliant Stephen Hawking  predicted the end of the universe shortly before his death.

It may be the genius mind of  Teilhard De Chardin has left humanity with one of  the most genuinely grounded  statements for hope of any person in modern times. This is partly due to the fact that he was a man of extremely strong scientific conviction  and at the same time a person of profoundly personal  faith in both humankind and the universe . I think it is also significant  that he  had his share of life long human suffering brought on by following his deepest convictions.

It appears from this short article that now  even the Church, not able to understand him in his own time,  which  exiled and censored him is now seeing that his mythopoetic/science enriched  work looks like a jewel in the darkness of our overwhelming World problems. He expresses an assurance that  the very heart of evolution is pointing to a far brighter future than most any other areas of human knowledge, 'belief' and research are offering.

He describes today's most depressing realities as actual signs that the universe  is  far from any dead end but that the human species is being prepared  not only to  survive; but has  reason  for genuine excitement about the underlying positive meaning of today's most somber tensions.  He is saying that  our human species is on the verge of turning a material/spiritual  corner of  yet unimagined increases in personal and collective consciousness; a consciousness that  will produce a transformed view of reality and its potential constructive harmony. Where else  will one  get such a grounded and hope filled   point of view today?


Contemplating recent behaviors of our President on TV I have strong concerns. He appears to govern continuously like someone with a strong sense that he has found God and it is him. He seems lost from full connection to his mortal humanity. This is a trait that all cultures have expressed a fear of and have made strong efforts to avoid. It was referred to by primitive people as a 'loss of soul.' Unfortunately it has become , in our day for now, viewed by many as the sign of  a hero or savior type personality.

I seriously suspect such a felt 'god likeness' has been  his repeating inner lifetime experience . This is why he truly does 'see ' and understand that anything really important is centrally about him. And his judgments and intuition may be felt to him as being that of a god.

His words and actions are consistent with  such a frame of mind . He would not be at all conscious of such a psychology but only experiences it as a kind of ' god almightiness' exhililaration. He sees this omnipotence only in himself not in any others, even those closest to him. All others, he is now  repeatedly showing, are easily expendable. Demanded loyalty is completely a one-way street to such a person.

An historical person with a more common and conscious self confidence can have a great and constructive encouraging effect on many people. But one that is this extremely unconscious and psychologically unaware can cause a group   (previously sincerely frustrated politically, socially  or economically) to lose their sense of personally responsible judgment.

This psychology is not new in history. But it must be rare such a person is given so great a power over others. A personality like this in the power role of the U.S. Presidency is potently dangerous for everyone in its influence. And this unfortunately means the whole world.

This mix can potentially create a significantly large collective mass of persons who are fully taken in and  up by such an archetypal energy. They may willingly sell soul and integrity to be close to and energized by such power. They can become 'no longer themselves. ' It is the same kind of energy that persons in a cult surrender themselves to. It can mesmerize and hypnotize. And how inoculated it is against any on-going responsible self critique.

This situation can reasonably be seen as a likely death toll for a democratic  nation and its human  values and equal rights.  But it can also be a strong enough  signal which awakens a large  enough part  of a sleeping public to the social, economic, religious and  psychological dangers that are present. Such an objective awareness of the situation is the essential  thing needed to begin a  cross path to a more healthy and healing social, psychological  and political environment.

Friday, January 12, 2018

THE PRESIDENT SPEAKS OF "shithole' NATIONS.... January 11, 2018

Behind the "Shithole" statement......I'm confident that he lives with such  'self' confidence. (of successfully talking himself out of the Shithole statement and any other  false or demeaning statement he makes.)

Being unconsciously in the grip of archetypal energies inflates  ones ego. It is the feeling of truly being God. Most of us with reasonably  strong egos have experienced, to lesser extent but no less real,  this irrational state of mind and recognize  it it as a weakness and aberration.
I sense  Mr Trump  is under a strong spiritual energy that has over taken the  ordinary ego long ago. I suspect he believes he  has' found God'  and believes it is himself. This is no exaggeration. This should not be expected to change for he shows no signs of resisting it.  Instead he personally thrives in his invincible ''god almightiness'.

It is such an inspiring thing that   those in his presence are easily pulled into this archetypal energy. So they react to  him as if to a god not realizing what has captured them.

This is  no different psychologically  than the experience of ancient gods in pre Christian times.. This dynamic  is different and stronger than any rationality. Reason will always fail and is no match to it.

Those around him, and regular citizens,  who see this as a national  danger will need more than a strong opposing  political orientation to not be bamboozled by it. Senator Durbin seemed able to make a fairly rational ,maybe hopefully  more than political, description of the  infamous  'shithole' meeting.

Those of us  concerned, from his campaign till now, about the dangers of trump idealism need to guard against becoming simply the other polarizing  national energy around him. If not we become no more  objective than Fox friends, just the other emotional based  extreme. That is not enough for a clarifying , healing or consciousness raising response. It only promotes another unrealistic fantasy if it brings no more than polarity  to the situation.  To rest in one pole of a cultural  or  personal polarized situation is to give  up finding a  middle  healing path. Any polarity  position only sees what it looks for after so long. So called 'Trump Resistors', like myself,  are in that danger now.

CG Jungs clarification of the  very real archetypal energies  can be of  much help in having a suitable response to any idealism. And not simply becoming the opposite emotional polarizing  response to the archetype  such as  has been externalized in front of us  via the Trump persona. Reasoning and emotionalism  are both, even together, insufficient.

Monday, January 8, 2018


I suspect  the most realistic hope now for the nation and world is a classically 'religious' one.

By that I don't mean one religion overthrowing another or  one political view dominating. But that from ideals and ethical principles which worked to solidify cultures for centuries stirred up  presently by an overwhelming deconstructing  institutional chaos, a transformed world view will spontaneously arise among a majority of concerned  humans.
Attending The Wounded In  Another American Mass Shooting.
This would be  a genuinely  'religious' solution to our times,  a naturally occurring spiritual evolutionary  response to a forming  new Epoch unlike any of the past. This new Epoch has now  emerged. It has brought complex  problems needing  addressed  for which our science based technology,  well worn paths of   'common sense'  and  traditional religious interpretations are glaringly insufficient.

Major religions have immemorially  used the  symbol of baptism for such potential and timely  transformations  of the social order resulting in a new collective human world view.
Flood/'Baptism' Scene In 'Brother Where Art Thou.'

Baptism has always spoken  of a frightening  chaotic destruction of present cultural  orientations and mindsets  surprisingly  followed by a 'resurrection' of some new arrangement of old principles and orders. Religiously this is  retrospectively seen as not by human plan or conspiring. But by real  unseen natural  psychological  factors which are consistent with best  human intelligence; and which also are far ahead of conscious  human wisdom capacities.

Extreme Polarizing Of Dysfunctional Politics.
Such a 'new creation' would seem to have come  'from above'. Such a  deep quality of  hope  has developed and persisted  before in ancient  times of sweeping social  transitions such as 2000 years ago.  Now seems to be  such a time again. Such a hope stands in harmony with best science knowledge but goes beyond the  conscious wisdom capacities of  materialistic science. Perhaps we are very  justified in such an anciently grounded inclusive  hope for humankind.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

SERMON: BABY JESUS BEING BORN TODAY?...Matthew 2:11-16 ..Dec 31. 2017

Matthew 2:11-16New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

11 On entering the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother; and they knelt down and paid him homage. Then, opening their treasure chests, they offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 12 And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they left for their own country by another road.

The Escape to Egypt

13 Now after they had left, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, “Get up, take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you; for Herod is about to search for the child, to destroy him.” 14 Then Joseph[a] got up, took the child and his mother by night, and went to Egypt, 15 and remained there until the death of Herod. This was to fulfill what had been spoken by the Lord through the prophet, “Out of Egypt I have called my son.”

The Massacre of the Infants

16 When Herod saw that he had been tricked by the wise men,[b] he was infuriated, and he sent and killed all the children in and around Bethlehem who were two years old or under, according to the time that he had learned from the wise men.


     At the heart of the Christmas story is a child, a divine child. Does that mean the story is only about that one child in Bethlehem or does this point us to a realization that there is a child in us always seeking to be born , to be recognized?... to give us a much needed attitude toward life, love and other humans and even toward nature?  The symbol of the birth of a child is full of meaning and potential. We know a literal child can change our world and perhaps the child in us is meant to change our world even more. Wouldn't to live out the child in us be to live the meaning of  Christmas all the time?

Mary as she realizes the baby is in  grave danger.

Most ancient people whose legend  has risen to the  status of  saint, god or resulted in  the  beginning of a new religion have had stories evolved of their special and miraculous birth.  Some mythological stories include the infant  barely escaping early death. Babies Moses and Jesus are only two examples.   Some best scholars believe the story of Jesus' escape from death was  included by Jewish Christians decades after Jesus' death  to show him as even pgreater  than Moses was for the Hebrews. 

Of course the author of Matthew, the only place the story is told, makes no claim to have been present at Jesus' birth. Most likely much of the story came  from the early  church's  attempt to explain the unexplainable impact of Jesus' adult life on his friends and followers.  Jesus no doubt was  a person who was fully connected to the Spirit of God. As such the explanations of him had to be explained in Spiritual language, language of the heart,  empowering symbols like  a virgin birth and the baby being pursued by a murderous king.

 This does not make the story one of  any deceit but one that truly comes from the source of all spiritual revelations, from the hearts and creative imaginations of sincere believers so from God. It must speak of discoveries we can make about our most inner selves. If taken that way, we can use the rich symbols to see the truths spoken of are just as true now as then. Otherwise the interesting  story is  left with us as a claim of literal history and can fail to engage our hearts but only our heads. Such things as the divine child being born in the human heart never change. The Christmas story appeals to  the active  child-likeness that is  already in us all, though it easily gets lost and pushed aside.

Let's notice a few of the dynamics that might help us  respect  our own inner child as we enter a new year.


 I. There are dangers in the world that the child part of us knows nothing about.  So a child does not fear or hate or negatively discriminate. But also hopefully the child has adults around it that will keep the child safe as the child explores fearlessly and wondrously the magnificent world around it.

Baby Jesus could have no concept that the most powerful person around wanted to kill him. Ones childishness cannot conceive of  being rejected , much less being resented for being itself or of anyone wishing to  harm her.

After my mother died My dad  moved my bunk bed into his room, perhaps for his own comfort as much as mine. I was glad to be there but he snored terribly. I asked for a set of earplugs rather than to not sleep there close to him. A child naturally is receptive and expects their presence to be adored and appreciated. They at first 'know' their value.  Sadly such a spiritual way of being usually  gets pushed out of people as they grow up.

The culture and religion  that Jesus was born into was one of harsh condemnation toward ones considered as impure. This included the poor, ones of the wrong religious faith, the sick and lame, women, girl babies  and especially any child born out of wedlock. Such a world of discrimination and rejection of certain ones  makes no sense to the heart of any child including our own inner child's heart. That is why this inner child is  always considered the savior of the world. 

We would do well to get back in touch with our own divine child and help resurrect this innocent accepting  way of viewing ourselves and others. From within us  must be  the only way  where any real `peace on earth' comes from whether  in family, community, nation or  the world. So as adults we ought to  assure our own inner divine child that we will always cherish and love them and protect them from outside forces that would seek to diminish or harm them.

II. A child easily accepts that the nature of life is to take many detours. Our adult mind wants to `cut to the chase' in life. We want the quickest way to everywhere. We want no real surprises that we don't plan ourselves. The word Detour is a very unwelcome road sign to most people. Jesus' family is pictured as having to take a very long detour, perhaps of months or years as they flee to Egypt. That took them to unexpected places and ventures. To an adult detours are an interference of life but to the child in us, it is part of the journey, the excitement, the learning. Without detours, including very unwelcomed ones,  we would miss some of the most important parts of our lives.  Our adult drive for security at all costs drives this child right out of our conscious and practical lives. A child lives with few exact expectations of themselves or of others.  It is open to life and is present  to help us to be also.

 When traveling to AL from TN recently  I purposely took the old highways- a longer trip but far more interesting than the quickest way. To a child life is all about the trip, not the destination. Interruptions turn out to be the most important and most spiritual parts of our life.   The child in us is forever drawn to the `road less traveled' rather  than the ways of convention and predictability. The child intuitively knows that this is the way of the spirit guided life.. The  Christmas Story seeks to point us to our own child, not merely to an event two thousand years ago. This story is timeless and  when heard correctly is  always true.

The child believes  and expects the world to receive them gladly as it should. Of course we adults know  that life `cures ` us of such ideas in the most cruel ways.  But the child in us does not give into that negative experience if it is given permission to stay  true to itself. It keeps on believing and hoping, trusting. To lose that is to lose our child and to lose our spiritual life. What a tragedy. The adult Jesus weeps as he says that "those who seek to save their lives(that is deny or repress the inner child) will lose it , and those who lose their lives for this `good news'  will find it."

Billy Joel's song `Second wind'  is advice written  to a young  adult who has already gotten out of touch with their inner child. Hope is natural to a child but easily slips from an adult... Recall as you read these words that in the Gospel of John `wind and spirit' are use interchangeably in Jesus' conversation. 

"Just like a boxer in a title fight. You got to walk in that ring all alone. You're not the only one who's made mistakes But they're the only thing that you can truly call your own.  Don't forget your second wind. Wait in that corner until that breeze blows in..

But I survived all those long lonely days When it seemed I did not have a friend. Cause all I needed was a little faith So I could catch my breath and face the world again. Don't forget your second wind. Sooner or later you'll feel that momentum kick in."  These are spiritual words from an unexpected place."


These thoughts may seem a long way from the Christmas story but in the world of the Spirit the most unusual connections are made. In fact through the lens of the Spirit all things of nature  and certainly  all people are connected from deep within. A cynical  voice  in us will say  to these things, `This child within us stuff  is just not how reality is. Get over it and back to reality'. But that is not the  voice of the inner child who always sees many possibilities, not just one way to go that the adult focuses on. It is the creative impulse within us. The child will speak to us   from the world of the Spirit and from the world of the Christmas Story. ... Not just  'once a year Christmas' but  every day.  The Christmas story comes to us from the ancient past and its purpose is to reawaken the divine child in us all and urge us  to take that child seriously.  May that child sleeping  within each of us be `born in us' today.  If it is even a little bit more, Christmas will have accomplished its real purpose.

BENEDICTION:  May the joy and wonder  of Christmas be in you as you travel the days ahead. May you know your truer purpose  and better appreciate the crooks in the road. And may you occasionally touch the pure white calm from which every baby is born. Amen.