Monday, July 9, 2012


So the readers of my blog know that I have also taken a strong interest in the shared dreams of others over the decades, I share this dream of a European man from the year 1957. This is from Jung's book called Flying Saucers, A Myth Of Things Seen In The Sky, 1958.

 I find it very intriguing that many post-modern dreams have similar symbolic images that pop up in the dreams of people who are otherwise quite different from each other. This is the kind of observed reality that caused Jung to postulate that the whole human  race is connected at the deeper base of existence by the same psychological/spiritual foundation. He calls this the Collective Unconscious. This is 'where' all the experience of humankind, and all of nature, from the past are stored and belong to us all, though mostly at a quite unconscious level. But as needed and when the 'times are right' this material can enter human consciousness via  dreams, visions, works of art and writing and intuitions. Not to mention by the social dynamics that are happening in the world.  This is orchestrated by what Jung refers to as archetypes. These are organizing principles which  can never be fully conscious themselves  but are the formational structures or instincts that 'spin' the specific images and mythic stories needed in the our ever developing individual and collective lives. The archetypes, though limited to some number and thus supporting the premise that 'there is really nothing new under the sun' are able to 'reveal' themselves in unfathomable creative ways all depending on the individual need and  specific tasks that face the individual or the culture at hand.

I share this dream, as I could any number of others, for it is a dream  I think any of us could have. That is it is more of a 'collective' or 'archetypal' dream than it is personal. It can be taken as a message for all of us in our Western cultures. Jung shares it here for it has the kind of images  he finds are at the base of the UFO phenomenon. This psychological, if not fully physical reality,  has continued to grow in especially the United States since the end of WW II. This dream was by a European nearer  the beginning of that time and could easily be a dream any of us could still have this many years later. The Unconscious is forever predicting its winding path of developing human consciousness well in advance. With my recent experience of  having , much to my distaste, a  common UFO sighting experience I find such dreams as this informative and helpful with the conundrum I now face in this regard.

Spheres In Space
My goal here is not to interpret this dream for I couldn't help  without conversation with the man himself.  But do notice a theme in this man's dream which has  been so common in mine, i.e. the feminine image or the 'anima' as Jung calls her and that  I am so acquainted  with in dreams. Here 'she' shows up at the end of this man's dream and shows him the 'best attitude' for him to have about such images that have him about ready to run and hide. She brings him back to solid ground and, without ignoring the dangers and chaos, gives him exactly the model he needs to follow in his inner attitude.  I know this experience so well. He and I have the same instructor is my  main point here. Since this is such a collective dream I can also learn the same thing from it as anyone else could who is bothered by such an alien type dream. This demonstrates how we can benefit from one another's, even if we are having trouble finding our own, nightly dreams. It is important to know that dreams all come from the same source seeking to bring the same general changes to us collectively, not just as individuals.  So with that here is 'another man's dream.'

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