Monday, January 26, 2015

WHERE DOES GOD COME FROM TO HUMAN AWARENESS? Jung Red Book Quote... January 26, 2015

Below  is a quote from the Red Book, the record of C.G. Jung's inner world experience from roughly 1913-1930. As with all that comes directly from the Unconscious this is symbolic language as are all dreams and visions. The Unconscious has always brought up the symbolism of God and 'the gods'. This is an example of that and says something about some characteristics of God..... 'God has smashed his own weapon' and the theme of the 'futility of the human effort at earthly power.' Such statements directly from the Unconscious are why Jung would say of God, ' I don't believe, I know.' His' belief'  is not talking of giving ascent to what he has been told 'to believe' or even only  to what 'has been written' as Sacred text,  but that the reality of God is  the human psyche's own collective and personal  confession. Obviously he is not speaking of believing as simply saying yes to 'a creed' but yes to the psychic reality of God as it has forever shown its multifaceted Self through the Collective Unconscious in all human groups and religions as well as the humble nightly dream. Jung would likely also add  those  moments when  nature displays itself  to a person in seemingly extraordinary timing of 'just the right event happening in an un-caused way with others... of even a sequence of such events back to back.' This Jung calls synchronicity and such a momentous happening  can make the most stubborn reasoning rationalist  to ponder,' this simply means far more to me than mere coincidence.'  He would say in fact it is from this same source, the Collective Unconscious,  that all the human images of God have come to us. It seems to me, a little reflection would inform us, images of God  are not the products of the outside material world but of the human inner world.
Augustus-First Roman Emperor

" You gain everything from the God whom you bear, but not his weapon, since he crushed it. He who conquers needs weapons. But what else do you want to conquer? You cannot conquer more than the earth. And what is the earth? It is round all over and hangs like a drop in the cosmos.
You will not reach the sun, and your power will not even extend to the barren moon; you will conquer neither the sea, nor the snow on the poles, nor the sands of the desert, but only a few spots on the green earth. You will not conquer anything for any length of time. Your power will turn into dust tomorrow, for above all-at the very least you must conquer death.
So do not be a fool, throw down your weapon. God himself smashed his weapon. Armor is enough to protect you from fools who still suffer from the need to conquer. God's armor will make you invulnerable and invisible to the worst fools." ~Carl Jung; Red Book

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