Saturday, August 1, 2015


Internationally people are enraged over the killing of a lion by a trophy hunter who lured him out of an African animal preserve. Others respond with outrage that people can be so upset at the killing of a lion while not as disturbed by the killings in our American streets and genocides around the world. How can we approach such  challenges to our strained value systems?

Until humans become more consciously aware  the planet with all its features (rivers, mountains, forests, air and seas), manifold species and complex ecosystems, all predating humans and our religions by millions of years, was not evolved simply  for our human self interests we will not consistently value our own species. We fool ourselves to think we can love each other while not loving and caring for the 'whole' thing, while not really 'so loving the world'. Humans are not the center of the world, as we tend to assume; but have amazingly become, via evolutionary processes, the only part of creation which can be conscious of the whole. We have become the only 'conscious mind' in creation capable of caring for the Earth as our primary task. I hope we are up to it?      

So far since the birth of our scientific consciousness, some 400 years ago, we have acted like we despise the Earth and its precise balance and dazzling wonders, bringing more destruction to it than all other uncreative forces combined in its four billion year history. This damage has exponentially  escalated with our technology. So damaging that we have significantly warped the Earth's capacity to seasonally replenish life's needs for quality water, air and soil. This path unchanged has one end....extinction. Obviously both the killing of the lion and the murder of humans are unconscionable   behaviors, not just against the lion and fellow humans, but against the Earth itself.