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GOD WAS NEVER PERFECT.... December 31, 2015

This triggers a laugh because it places an unexpected contradiction before us. It is a contradiction with much truth. It is worthy of a healthy  laugh that our Good Book is so full of the opposite. Yet there is I think something here that the general public, religious and non religious alike, still must learn about that which is God. By God I think we are conscientiously cornered to say it must be what is everything. I mean where everything that is, has been or can be , is located in potential. But my hunch is that in that original everything is included  "racism, sexism, homophobias , violence and sexual frustration" along with some things worse. This would fit why all our  religions about God and gods, along with the facts of human history, are full of this kind of disappointments.

It seems likely  now the more conscious human species is  where what is truly good and what is truly bad has to  be sorted out.  And with advancing human consciousness this has become far more complex than most of us have let ourselves acknowledge. It  has now become the task for finding potential answers from  an expanding human consciousness. There is not a God back there somewhere which was only good and perfect. God evolves into a humane, responsible and loving consciousness only to the extent that the conscious human creature does.  This has never yet happened in any  consistent collective way, ever. It is true that untold numbers of us glimpse such a discriminating consciousness in our 'image of Jesus'...who  was, by the way, human from all reports. But we still then turn right around and say Jesus is the same as a perfectly good eternal creator God that existed always before.(The eternal God must surely be 'perfect' in the sense that it is Whole , including within it  all that is , known and unknown,  but not as a clearly differentiated  morality or ethics. That requires far more consciousness than must have been  present at the beginning).

I see the clinging  more orthodox images for God  as most likely a gigantic  post-modern blockage  of an ever evolving revelation  of God. It appears we humans are going to have to find our way and the courage to question some  outgrown images of God if we are to achieve what we apparently are  assigned  to accomplish. This is where evolution is now.

So it seems  to me we humans, or at least a great number of our species, must give up there ever having been any past perfect God, or as perfection being the quality of  the ambiguous  'mind' present when creation began. That quite a-moral powerful presence at most must have had  a dream of  being a fully  loving self and  creating a lovingly conscious species . But all our evidence points that such mature effective  love was not a completed perfection then or even  fully imagined. And that same somewhat  conscious  creative  'mind' either intuited  from the start or later painfully  learned that only the increased consciousness of the creature, combined  with the hazy dream of the creative God mind,  could make either of these dreamed for  ' intertwined consciousnesses' become a reality. The beginning was at best  a dream for mature effective love  to be  realized as the natural character of life  and  being in the real world. If we humans  can manage to give up the flawed  notion of a past perfect God, without caving into the absurdity that there was no mind at all, then we are more likely to help  usher in the level of consciousness needed to keep evolution moving  toward love of  the planet and each other rather  than our present observed trajectory  toward  destruction of both self and the planet.

Surprisingly this  view of an  imperfect and evolving  God does not have to  limit or reduce a sincere person's  respect for  God. Looking for God  has had my attention for  as long as I can remember , deep into my childhood.  I  now have the impression  that God, for the unimaginable and unspeakable reality that name is used by humanity, is on the brink of  being accepted more for what God actually is and not our insistence of what  it be. And the emerging image of God  is something that remains  the most astonishing mystery of  life. The metaphor I imagine is of God being very relieved and  far more connected to humanity  to finally be appreciated for it's less than perfect but still most essential birthing aspect of all of reality, truly the  Great Mother. For love is basically accepting, valuing  and  trusting one for what he, she or it actually is and not for what we have insisted in our  human egotism  the other be. Also, I'm imagining that God has suffered mutually along with all the human suffering the world has ever known, searching along with  sincere humans to find a way to bring the  world to  a place where effective earthbound love is the natural ruling virtue of life. That wins my forever sincerest  respect. I am moved with a profound empathy for that which we call God. I'm recalling that even Jesus, on whom many have projected their positive inner  image of God, at the end asked his friends to call him their friend not master. He wanted mutual  empathy not worship. Only mutual relationships have any hope of being matured loving ones. This surely includes the Sacred-Human relationship.  The presently evolving post modern image of God, rather than diminishing God,  brings a higher and more honest appreciation of that bed rock psychological  reality. I am full of hope  there is a collective leap in human/divine consciousness  happening in our present time  regarding the meaning of God and the mutuality and interdependence between God and Human.

I'm unsure how the  quote in the picture stimulated me to this reflection but it did. Or why I would be attempting to describe such an idea on New Years Eve? Must have been the pasta and lite beer. :)

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