Tuesday, April 5, 2016


      A most amazing observation  is that without human consciousness nature and God necessarily remain unknown in the universe. It is the same as if they did not exist. In a sense it is human consciousness alone that brings all else into actual existence. This does not lessen the essentiality of an initial urge and need in divine creativity with a  dream of what might be,  but surely suggests that such an  initiation of creation could not be fully conscious of itself until the long awaited emergence of the  evolved apex of  human consciousness billions of years later. The first conscious observer of creation had finally  arrived. And like it or not that is our human place of glory and highest  responsibility.

                As one reads the quote below it can be kept in mind that the scientific theories of relativity have proven that space, time and mass  are simply not  the absolutes that our Western materialistic mind set has  thought are the  fully tied down foundations of reality. They are more  like temporary estimates of reality that have evolved with  our specific body bound  situation. So our higher consciousness is  now  being challenged to realize that our 'common sense' notion  of reality is in fact quite temporal.

                This adds to the amazing place that humans occupy for good or ill in the universe. It means the universe, even God, does not just love humans but greatly needs us, our delicately and so labor intensive evolved Collective Consciousness and to wherever it is now helping guide the processes of  evolution. Divinity and incarnating  Humanity are now finally co-creators of what lies ahead. No longer is any past moment in Sacred or Secular  history(always to be gratefully remembered) the highest point of creativity but now, each new moment, is that.

                And it seems we humans need this level of grand mystery, a still hazy humbling awareness of what we simply do not know, to bring out the best in us for the challenge at hand. So much is lost when we humans allow our view of reality to degenerate to some mundane supposed fully known idea of reasoned 'common sense', such as a final certainty of the shape of time, space and matter we sometimes  blithely call  reality.

                 And  wonderfully and  paradoxically just as  important,  Humans  also have the capacity to be to each other the most grounded, down to earth and practical thing in all of nature.

                        In Christianity Jesus and the Christ symbol evolving from   him is an image of just such a human,  compelled to  transcend the common  consciousness of his epoch changing  times. None of this is inconsistent with our Christ story when we approach the gospels as the most creative symbolic revelation from Unconscious sources  in our Western Civilization. The Christ symbol and story  is one of  anticipated  collective psychological wholeness and the union  of Divine and Human. This in a fully natural but nouminous and consciously unexpected  process of transcendence.

                        Lewis Lafontaine's photo.

                        “Where Space and time do not exist there is only oneness (monotes).
                        There is no differentiation; there is only pleroma.
                        Pleroma is always with us, under our feet and above our heads.
                        Man is the point that has become visible, stepping out from the pleroma, knowing what he is doing, and able to name the things about him.
                        Although the earth existed before there were any human beings, it could not be seen or known by anyone”. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lectures, Page 22.
                        [Image Courtesy of Craig Nelson]

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