Saturday, March 18, 2017


Regarding the discussion going around about Mr Trump's CUTTING THE  MEALS ON WHEELS PROGRAMS which so many see as a very positive and caring American tradition. It is not as simple as many FB posts make it but neither is it insignificant.

I think we can all agree that most bumper sticker posts are not any full picture. We may should take time to make our personal comment with posts than to just quickly put them up for they sound 'right' to our present strong feelings. It reveals us letting someone else speak for us in very simplistic terms. This is a downside to FB posts on serious topics. And some complain if someone tries to make a  thought out statement instead of just passing on the simplistic blurb.

Yes, Mr Trump's initial budget does not necessarily directly cut the Meals On Wheels program. Such statements like this always over simplify. But it would be a serious mistake to not recognize the very real shift in basic values this budget represents. One that many, still often to my astonishment, adore. This budget of Mr Trump's is strongly saying that people who have basic survival needs due to near or full poverty family situations are  ' not trying hard enough' to take care of themselves independent of government. This attitude , imo, ignores the nature of our presently evolved capitalist societal system with its built in inequalities. It surely appears in direct contrast to how the Jesus Story pictures His understanding of the plight of the poor in society and the more wealthy's responsibility to them. That view can be stated as,' access to basic earth resources, and basic human needs, belongs to all humans and those with political power are obligated to attempt to make it so.' I don't think it can be reasonably doubted such was Jesus' central message to his culture's power structure. It got him killed as it has many other ethical martyrs.

We are sitting on a social volcano which this budget represents one extreme . It leans strongly toward resenting the poor who, often in America and worldwide, are present among minorities and ethnicities. Most of us adults have all heard such resentment from the demographic majority ordinary persons in barbershops, bars and beauty shops for decades.(It is not usually something someone will say in open public conversation but it is very real in private.) Now we have a president who fully agrees and says so and does so. This is our present but long forming divide come to full fruition as I see it and am troubled by.

I , sometimes misunderstood, do not think either party or side of our debilitating national polarity, presently has 'the right' clear solution. It is escaping all sides to various extents. But it seems to me that many of us are due a far reaching change in our world and ethical view of our place and role as conscious responsible humans. ...We seem appropriately in need of what has been called in pervious epochs of human development as 'Divine intervention.' A true metanoia 'from above' in New Testament language.

A beginning point is for us each to be aware of such a need and move away from our statements and excuses , in private and public, of our absolute rightness regarding  the dangers we face.

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