Friday, May 19, 2017


Image may contain: 1 person, suitSomething very important and very American I think happened today. Our president(from illness, ignorance or malevolence?) , with the power the office gives, had been able to use the nation, world and our laws and institutions as a toy for his own personal whims. It appeared nothing could stop the horrible train wreck from reaching its destination.

Now with the unexpected and timely appointment of a special prosecutor even the president has hit a wall that every human must hit in our own way: The reality that there is some impersonal law or restriction that is far bigger than our personal ego and will. This in a very rich sense can be a primary religious or spiritual experience. It is how genuine humility is formed in the human personality.

This event today gives the nation and the president a chance to return to solid ground which had been far left behind for months. I fear Mr. Trump is not interested in or has value for real solid ground but instead chooses time and again to live in in his own untrue constructions of reality. And carry many others with him.

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Hopefully this sobering but necessary kind of process is one every American and every human can learn from. This 'hitting the wall' is a fundamental nature of our personal and collective human situation.

We can be grateful for the one who had the political will to make this personal decision - Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein and for Robert S. Mueller III , the special prosecutor, who seems very prepared by life and training to take on this important task for the nation. He is a professional in that important sense of being ethically disciplined, something tragically missing in President Trumps character. He surely deserves our support and prayers as the nation seeks to find grounded stability. We were likely headed for something worse than most of us have let ourselves imagine.

There can be little doubt that it is the steady professional 'best and changing truth' reporting by our national major news outlets and papers that have been instrumental in this happening. The 'mainstream media' in its imperfections has kept before us the issues of Russia involvement in our free elections and the dynamics involved in the president firing James Comey, head of the F.B.I. Without a free and straight shooting press such turns toward greater national truth would not happen when powers such as the white house or other would seek to cloud it or cover it up.

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