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Carl Jung, child of a long line of protestant pastors, in 'Psychology and Western Religion' answers questions which I'm sure are  what my educated thoughtful Christian friends would put to me. His answers are very sane, logical and reasonable for he takes seriously that the Bible stories are speaking symbolic truths which are true at a deeper level than if we, as most still do, take these stories as primarily physical happenings. I often wish that more persons in my circles could find a way to consider the view point which such new assumptions offer. Many traditional questions are answered on this path and we are not called on to surrender other important kinds of knowledge that humans have gained, for example the general theory of scientific evolution and other sound scientific principles? Much of my life experience as preacher, science teacher, human development counselor and Hospice chaplain has been a search for how solid science and the religious stories I was taught can be harmonized for a more whole world view. Careful consideration of  these ideas and what follows express where I have found a significantly more authentic harmony.

Adam and Eve Harnessing The Living Serpent(A modern dream)
A great hurdle for 'believers', and ones who feel they must reject the idea of God, is to let loose of God being  imaged as an all powerful being that is absolutely good and perfect, and thus bearing no responsibility as a source of some of the suffering and sin in the world? Anything that brings suffering , chaos and harm to humans it is generally insisted is humanity's fault alone. If we would just get our act together all would be well we are told. God has nothing to change within itself unless we become blasphemers. And equally challenging from our orthodox views is   to embrace the concept, quite common in the Biblical narrative, of God needing the human; not simply because God is lonely but because God does not fully know itself, the same problem we humans, made in 'God's image' have in not fully knowing our deeper selves.
Only human consciousness, which must have- to God's incomparable  unfathomable credit- been  the original  dream and barely conscious hope  of God which has come true, can give God what God  needs within itself  to move the universe to a fuller more compassionate consciousness. And thus toward a truly better world that we claim to desire.
Moses Pleads With God To Be Compassionate
Every human, perhaps some more than others, can do his/her share in giving God this necessary gift. This involves the personal  sacrificial(for it involves a psychological/spiritual suffering which most of us never planned to acquire) gift of  our evolved consciousness. A consciousness,  which at least at some essential  moments,  is  more moral and compassionate than God's alone. Nothing else in nature can supply this for it is the human alone where such consciousness has evolved and we can assume  potentially  can continue to evolve. This is the gift  which the human ego consciousness has captured through thoughtful living and  suffering. And this is the human's needed gift to God  who obviously   remains forever ineffable and far 'more' than the human ego can ever comprehend. As God receives this gift the resulting  increased consciousness of God ( For no consciousness can develop without comparing itself to a consciousnesses outside itself.  So God needs the human. It is only our human bias and psychological need for God to be perfect, similarly as a developing child must think of its parents as perfect, that keeps us from realizing this is as true of God as of us.) can finally transform the world toward a much expanded 
Gospel speaks of Jesus and Serpent having something in common
peace,  love and truth. 

This approach finally begins to answer the question that humans have asked for millennia even on the best day, “Something seems wrong in the world.” And instead of blaming the human for it all(which is overwhelmingly not true or fair) a new understanding  can reach  us: God's and Human's  presently still evolving consciousness mutually share in the problem and solution. The problem, natural to both God and human, is about our not having yet arrived (No unbearable shame  in this for all is still evolving. There was not a time in the past when everything  or anyone was only good, ever.) at a strong enough ethical consciousness so that love  more truly has its way in God, nature and humans.
Abraham counseled God  to show compassion to Sodom.

A Slaughtering Tsunami Rightly Called An 'Act of God'?
We, I think, should consider that it likely raises the dignity and responsibility  of humans exponentially to know they are needed by God for his/her consciousness raising capacity (Surely granted,  is only there  by God's dreamlike foreknowledge, and only now made more conscious in both God and human.) than to only be loved by God. And similarly it is a greater compliment to be able to say to a friend or lover, " You have made me more conscious, aware of the fuller meanings of life. " than even to say, " l love you."  For the greatest most mature  loves in this world   are necessarily the product of  increased consciousness, whether that be God's or a Human Being's.

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