Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dream: July 3, 2011 Under Construction

I was with other workers at a construction site. It was primarily a rebuilding project on the spot of the original Hibbett Sporting Goods store in Florence , AL, an important place in my youth. Everything was bull dozed down to the Alabama red earth except the plumbing for a bath room was still in tact. I shared responsibility for rebuilding and modernizing this bathroom. We were not entirely sure of how to proceed but were confident that we could get the job done. Then one night a monstrous Bulldozer that seemed to have an evil mind of its own came onto the site and behaved very destructively. It was plowing far deeper into the earth than the plans called for. It also came up the drive to a house where we were staying and destroyed the driveway. We feared it was going to attack the house. The next day we observed that it had totally unearthed the bathroom site we were working on. It was gone. I asked my supervisor about the situation. He had no comment, no suggestions, no blame -no praise. We backed off for a fuller view and could see that the uninvited monster dozier had constructed a new super highway that was about three feet above the ground of the construction site. It extended in both directions as far as we could see. Astonished, surprised and yet somewhat exhilarated, we had no idea of what to think about this complete inversion of our plans.
*REFLECTION: This dream is not out of the ordinary for my dreams(though every dream is very unique) in that it is something that most anyone could imagine themselves dreaming. So maybe it's a good one to share. I will only begin my  reflection now. I'm taking this dream as a commentary from the 'dream source' about the blog I posted earlier that same day ** " America And Abraham". I have been quite  nervous about that posting and overall the dream is giving me an assuring supportive word.
Construction On AL Red Dirt.

 This dream is packed with symbolism as is customary... the construction site is over our 'family store' , The 'red Alabama earth' is prominent, the old bathroom pipes,  a seemingly  ' high tech evil monster' of destruction, a 'supervisor' who left  judgments up to me, the destroyed personal driveway, and the center piece of the dream is  a  ' new highway' stretching out of site in both directions. (If you are a  Bible student , just think of the many similar images in the Bible: new highway, road, path, way etc. I believe this is because dream material and that of Sacred story come from a common collective source, Jung called it the Collective Unconscious. The same 'archetype' that spun those biblical stories is still at work in the common dream offering up this 'super highway' image in my dream.) So far today I have let these images have some room to live in my mind( We all do a lot of day dreaming anyway, right? This is I think constructive soulful daydreaming.) and I have let myself have the 'feelings' that go with the images which is quite a range... from nostalgia,self-confidence, fear and anger to astonishment and some hopeful anticipation.

The conscious human  intellect  can never  fully wrap itself around any living symbol or totally explain it by our rational mind but as we give intellectual attention to it , the symbol  can certainly influence our thoughts, attitudes and feelings. It is something, if we do not crush it with rationality,  that is very alive. I am thinking this dream is not only about my personal situation and inner attitude but  may also be touching on that which could be alive in my groups, in my culture. I will stop for now  with this reflection but want to add more later.  Hopefully any reader can see how I begin to honor a dream and allow it do its work with me. The reader can do the same with his/her own dream when it comes.  I'm glad I was given a dream that seems not too risky or inappropriate to share with others in this cyberspace environment.  Jim
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