Sunday, July 24, 2011

OBAMA... letter to the editor of the Illinois Times, March 2008

I recently received an email listing Obama's voting record, implying it makes him unfit for being president. For the most part,to me,  it makes him a breath of fresh air and a break from the policies that have squandered our national resources including money, troops and reputation as a caring, intelligent  and strong  leader in the world.  It also  breaks the trend of promoting the interests of some Americans while ignoring the needs and dreams of others, especially ones in lower economic  and higher risk situations.

Obama, unlike the other candidates, openly opposed the  Iraq invasion.  It was very clear to him then  that our  administration was determined and only looked for  excuses, including 9-11, to pursue its  irrational  desire. We have successfully broken a nation, quit counting innocents killed, sent millions from home as refugees and given  terrorists precisely what they need to raise their recruiting advantage.   We are paying a terrible price in an impossible  effort  to fix the damage we've done. 

Without leadership  who can deal honestly  and up front with these realities   we will continue to repeat the same mistakes and spiral deeper into the same national tragedies. We are being unfaithful to  future generations. We are leaving a situation that will be arduous to  overcome; a huge waste of financial  and other resources and an image that draws a negative  response from much of the world.  A truly significant change in attitude, policy and direction is needed. 

I see  Obama's stated positions and the wisdom he demonstrates as consistent with the moral call of the Christian story  and in line with the kind intelligent judgment  that is a deep part of the heritage of American  Christianity. I do not see this important parallel  being nearly as strong in the attitudes and positions of the other candidates. Jim Hibbett, Riverton

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