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Introduction: I always hesitate to include dreams having sexual content on my blog. This is because our culture is overly- sensitive to sexual content and either treats it only as a physical appetite and drive leading toward dehumanized pornography or is so puritanical to think that human sexuality is somehow naughty or unclean lacking spirituality. One thing I can certainly say is that the source of dreams , the Collective Unconscious, uses sexual images to make some of its strongest statements regarding the spiritual life and regarding the importance of Sacred/Human love. This dream does not foucs on sexuality but like many dreams matter of factly uses  sexual imagery to help the dreamer become more conscious of some of life's most important issues and present day Human needs.  So with these reservations I offer this dream as an addition to my blog.

1.Six church people dressed in black leather were solemnly passing between each other a large(basketball sized) metallic hollow object shaped like a hexagon. (Much like a huge hex-nut)
Each Snow Flake Is A Unique Hexagon and Mandala

2. The same people were working hard to slide a tight rubber cover over a large polished metallic cylinder( about six feet long and and two feet in diameter)

3.There was a very large beautiful stained glass window in an old church. It filled up the whole wall. With difficulty I was typing words on a computer which then showed up in areas on the window. Religious phrases including "Hallelujah" and " Christ Is Risen" were included. They were all Easter Resurrection expressions. I felt I had done poorly but an authoritative voice said, " You have done as well as those who have come in previous centuries." I was surprised and hit one more key, sort of for the heck of it, on the computer. The entire window crumbled with a crash. And filling up the window from the outside was a huge (the full height of the church wall)pleasant timeless shaven face of a middle aged man. His eyes were kind and intelligent and he was glancing from side to side. It was very dramatic and real.

4.Other images came throughout the night. I do not recall them but the basic message repeating was " Well done" or "Mission Accomplished." These messages were matter of fact and I felt no strong emotion of success or excitement but simply accepted the commendation as true. I had worked too long with energy and guidance I knew were not my own to feel even the least personal accomplishment or thrill. I thoroughly knew it was the work of God. I was experiencing the meaning of the ancient Chinese phrase, "No blame, No praise."

1. The simple idea of 'six' or geometrical shape 'hexagon' was one of the fist simple images that made itself far more conscious as a living symbol to me. The 'hexagon' is found in nature as the shape of the honey comb of the bee and in some crystalline materials including the 'snowflake.' Each snowflake also is a representation of a mandala which Jung was so impressed with as a symbol of the Sacred. I was led to see myself as associated with 'six' and 'hexagon' but on a path where that description would transform to 'eight.' I noticed later that my street address is '608' indicating to me that during this 25 year period my development would go from a '6' returning to the 'nothing of zero' and then gradually to the more whole '8' and multiple of the more complete '4.'
Prehistoric 'Stone Of Destiny' in Ireland

2. This picture is a prehistoric stone monument  in Ireland. I was able to see this ancient site in person several years ago. It is the form of a phallic symbol. and has been a religious and culture shrine in Ireland since prehistoric times. It was elevated in culture/religion  precedent to the beginnings of the 'patriarchal religions' that have reigned in the world for more than two millennia. The dreams and visions I have experienced consistently and strongly insist that the age of patriarchy has served it purpose and has now become a problem without its feminine balance. And that now the feminine principle must be elevated to an equal and mutual status as the needed God Image and as the way of relating among humans. America has seen just how hard it is for patriarchy to be 'let loose' of. Much progress has been made regarding the legal mutuality of women yet  strong forces are still present that seek to deprive women  primary control over their on bodily reproductive systems demonstrates how the Phallus Symbol is still out of balance in our culture. The struggle for the equal rights of LGBT persons I think  is also an indication of the same need for the feminine principle to come to it proper place.The extreme rise of value the  amassing money and possessions over creativity and service at the top of  the nation's commercial and political  life is also due to the lack of feminine influence. I am not just speaking of biological woman. A woman can be just as defensive of patriarchy as any man, but the living feminine principle dwells, even if unconsciously, in every human person.

A  'Resurrection' Window

3. The stained glass window is a symbol of the best of spiritual/cultural advancement under the influence of Historic Christianity in my Western culture. The dream selects the grand image and concept of 'resurrection' as the central theme. Such a window can be found in many Catholic and Protestant churches across our land. In buildings that have become less and less the centers of life, creativity and idealism over the past 100 years. Then this religious image falls apart. This is not deprecating the value and the grand way that this symbol as contributed to culture and religion but is saying that its historical traditional interpretation is not sufficient as a symbol to meet the religious/spiritual/cultural needs of post-modern humanity.

Thoughtfully  Conscious Human
4.Then there appears a thoughtful and concerned image of a Human being. I do not take this to mean that the Human will ever become his/her own God(a psychological impossibility) but that Human consciousness and cooperation with the ultimate Sacred is essential for discovering the appropriate and needed symbolic system for the new millennium.
President Bush Declaring 'Mission Accomplished.'
It has just now struck me that the phrase 'mission accomplished' was made infamous by President George Bush claiming it in grand ceremony for the War Against Iraq. This was shown to be erroneous for the displacement of Iraqis, the death of innocents and of American/Ally troops had only just begun. But since this is the expression coming out of the dream I will let it be. But with the understanding that the images revealed by the Collective Unconscious are never ones that can be coerced to fit a logical linear time line. So such images may point to outer changes that are imminent , in the distant future or are only ones that will live inwardly in the souls of those it is intended for.


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