Sunday, October 30, 2011

DREAM: ONLY THE FUTURE...June 29, 2011

1. At my old high school. First at a football game. But the field was very low class and backward compared to how nice it actually was. The stands were small and wooden. The crowd was sparse.  Old fashion in every way, much more than how it was. I had been assigned to be an 'encourager' to the Coffee high team. It was authorized. I was to personally focus on encouraging a red  haired boy with a pony tail who was expected to be a star player. He rejected my  presence. His father agreed that I was not a good presence for his son or the team. They more or less said to me, 'thanks but no thanks.'  So I had no choice but to leave. I was searching for my dad in the stands. I knew where he usually sat. I was aware these were not the nice high stands I was used to and I could  not find him anywhere. He was not there. I wanted some consolation from him. 

Dream 2. I was a student and it was the first day of new classes. I was not familiar with the building. It was foreign to me. I was lost. Someone directed me to an open study hall that anyone could go to. It was OK in this study hall to whisper to each other. I noticed one boy whom I had come to realize that, though we used to be friends, he was not a true friend anymore. He had begun to run with ones higher on the social ladder. So instead of humiliating myself by speaking to him and likely not being received well, I passed him up to go to my more trusted best friend. But I knew he and I had also drifted since he had become a star football player. That was now his main interest and the other players were his closest friends. But he received me. I got some help about finding classes. Then I left  and found myself in the office . I and a girl there had the same problem. We had missed a class and wanted to know if we could make it up in another session of the same class instead of taking our free time. The dream ended without our finding out if we could do that.
Coffee High School...Florence, AL

REFLECTION:  Some dreams are what I would call 'wisdom dreams'  in that they  snap us out of our conventional rational way of thinking about life and  establishes our own place in the big picture. Such dreams remind us that there is 'a higher perspective' that may seem less certain than our conventional wisdom but is far more in tune with our actual soul life. There are few if any positive emotions here.  One positive is that a real friend is reliable even if there are times that s/he has other competing values. The only other positive feeling  about this dream pair is that my 'anima' function and I are in the same boat together, and have the same goals. We have both been responsible in the past and are trying to be now. We both know when others do not properly value us even though we bring no harm and possibly good to them. We don’t kid ourselves. Nostalgia is a real trap. The past is no place to find a present foundation or anchor...whether old places that once served us well , past friends, or even our parents or the 'father.' None of the past is really there anymore, not as something applicable to the needs of the present. This is a hard and sad lesson to learn. Only the unknown but certain to come future holds what we both(and likely all present day humans) need and yearn for from our collective soul.
Our Answers Are Not Likely Found In the 'Stands.'
 And if we have missed something in that past we can always catch it in a new and different form from out of the incoming future. The debt ceiling crisis, and the world-wide overall collective financial quagmire,  our nation is experiencing has really pushed many people to see that it is not the past that can be our national foundation any longer but only a new and never lived future. Perhaps and hopefully that  new world is beginning to be imagined by some while others are making strong last ditch efforts to return to some nostalgic 'good ole days.'  I wish that future would begin to show itself to the masses of my culture. And I long that  the personal and collective future I've been holding close to my heart for decades could now be realized. Jim

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