Monday, June 25, 2012


Many say of reading Carl Jung, 'He's strange and not understandable.' This is primarily because he's breaking down our common religious themes and stories to create a deeper understanding of their meaning. He was a world renowned psychiatrist but, from youth, he was driven to understand the contradictory and frightening symbols of the Christian religion. Ones that we sometimes rather thoughtlessly parade across our churches. He had a strong Bible knowledge. He calls to our attention the 'elephants in our religious rooms' that most are more comfortable ignoring.  And what is more important he shows what the value and necessity of those elephants are.  He might say we must not leave out or get rid of anything because we can't. And his focus can be of great  spiritual/psychological value in our day. It is our day that  he is writing about  even more than his own. So I offer these brief pages for my blog readers  to take a peek from his 'Answer To Job', one of his last and most profound works.  Note: Three Latin expression he uses here  in italics translated are: 'sacrifice of intelligence', 'affliction of the soul' and 'image of God.'

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