Friday, June 22, 2012

Nuns On A Bus...June 22, 2012

The 'Nuns On A Bus' and what they are standing up for has made me far more appreciative of the Catholic Church than I have been for a long time. Its all male leadership failure has nearly ruined the reputation and integrity of the church in the recent decades. Then out of nowhere come these courageous , smart, defiant, looking-out-for- the common person Nuns. They are, at great personal risk, doing more to lift the image of the Catholic Church than anything has for decades. And, like it or not, the protestant church does not fare well should the Catholic Church lose all vitality and spiritual leadership in the world. It is all of a piece, both the Catholic 'Sacrament' emphasis and the Protestant 'challenge to authority and reality testing'. Both are essential for a balanced and living presence of the meaning of Christ. These Nuns have brought new life and hope to the meaning of the Christ Story for anyone who longs for the church to stay a relevant and effective influence in the world. Here is a concrete real world example of 'What would Jesus Do?'

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