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A POLITCAL POINT OF VIEW... August 30, 2012

I have no legal or envy  problem with Mitt Romney  being extremely wealthy and paying only 14 % income tax if that is the actual law and one can afford the accountants and lawyers to make it happen. I have a problem with him thinking that it is ethically  OK for the 2 % most wealthy Americans to have such a low tax rate  while most  average Americans have no such similar access and privilege. And that he wants to even  lower his own tax rate. I truly do not think he sees any  moral or ethical disparity in that at all. This is not the world of most Americans.
Governor Mitt Romney

Reflecting on two nights of  the Romney team  Presidential Convention and what has come before: I'll relate, the best I can discern, some political facts right now. I think it is safe to say that Romney has  gathered around him as his closest support , including especially Paul Ryan, those who are not just considering but are whole-heartedly devoted to making sure the most wealthy two percent of Americans are not asked to make any sacrifice. I think it is illusory  to imagine this team giving  up any of the so called Bush tax decreases but  to instead  push  their 'investment money',much of it in tax reduced overseas accounts, tax rates lower still. This is not primarily to be personally richer(one can only live so plush) but to be centralize political power to the neglect of the  infrastructure needs of the nation and  life quality/healthcare/education needs of  the typical  American  individual.  If we do not begin to invest in our land and  people we  will find ourselves even further behind the human progress curve in the world. This emphasis is what is so undervalued  as  part of the 'Ryan Budget Plan' which has already received approval by the House and by Mitt Romney.  None of these things are being mentioned in the convention speeches.
Representative Paul Ryan

I hear no indication that Romney nor his 2 % supporters have any intention of surrendering their personal possession of 50% of America's earned wealth, not their truly earned wealth from an ethical and moral perspective. They see no moral disparity in the way the 'law is' that allows for such an unprecedented stealing of America by the few. I'm not suggesting the other side would not have had the same moral failing if it had fallen their lot to be the country's 'legal' thief.  I suspect they would have  succumbed  to  the very same  unethical pressures from the extravagantly wealthy as this party has.

 As Americans we were inadvertently taught as youth to 'take all we can from the public pool as long as we  make it 'legal' and we give back a portion to our favorite charity.' And we were not warned of the moral trap this would one day cause. That day has arrived and is a fact. 98 % of us typical Americans have not had that moral temptation but the 2 percent have and many have not been equipped with the necessary ethical boundaries  to see it as a national moral dilemma which threatens us all. We deny this absolute definable historic financial reality to our own peril. It is a real and true situation which if not brought  clearer to American consciousness and addressed can be our true moral  national downfall.
A Rather Telling Image

 If  Romney's inner team wins (And it would clearly be their financial power, not the genuine appeal of the  real person  Mitt Romney and his very muddled message, that win.) this election it will prove that such financial power represents nearly total power in America, truly the power to take an election by financial force and deceit. We will have become a very different nation. And not the one that has blessed so many of us or that we, including those being influenced by much purposeful deceit from the Romney campaign, love and admire.

 I wish I could see something more positive than this at work in the Romney Campaign and I will gladly say so if I do in the coming days. I do not enjoy having to make myself more politically literate. It is not at all my basic interest but our country is at a very serious cross roads I think and a political consciousness of many more is greatly needed
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