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DREAM: BODY AND SOUL...A Fuller Discovery Of Human Identity...February 21, 2010

A man had a flap of skin that when lifted showed a cross section of his four chambered heart. He also was holding an erect phallus. The man showed his heart to one woman and she was not interested. He showed it to another and she wept.
Human Heart, Metaphorically The Home of  One's Soul And Love

REFLECTION: This for sure is one of those dreams where one says, “ I have never had such a thought or image in my conscious mind. It seems to be totally out of range even of my imagination." This strikes me as a deeply collective and timeless symbol of  the potential 'union of body and soul' of 'heart and head' , 'mind and spirit' of the human being. This dream is likely much more about our Western cultural situation than it has anything to say about me personally. This is a central unity that humans need and hopefully are moving toward in our age. We have just moved from the Age of Pisces(the fishes) which has marked the 2000 years of Christianity to the Age of Aquarius ( the water bearers).  The biological, instinctual and spiritual  seem to be being brought  together via extended Human and Sacred consciousness. The flap of skin that opened to the heart indicates the wounds humanity  has received in finally  arriving at such a new state of  potential consciousness. This is analogous to the wounds of 'heel and head' in the early Genesis story to account for the negatives of human existence. It is analogous to the groin  wound that Jacob received as a result of his wrestling with the Lord and demanding  a blessing. And to the inflicted wound of Jesus' side that brought forth the unity of 'blood and water.'

The man showing his wound to women is the idea that a man  longs to serve  the Soul, the eternal  feminine principle that can be discovered only  'within.'( This  is symbolized for modern man in the consciousness of the  presence of the psychological/spiritual 'anima' figure so common in men's dreams.  Jung conjectured that a human woman  likely has a corresponding male(s) inner image. I personally would not be surprised at that but also believe that human soul is likely more feminine by nature in us all?) The first woman did not yet share in the level of consciousness that the man experienced so rejected his gift. The second woman, most likely a reference to the anima, had already arrived there and so wept for joy when she saw that the  man had found what she had always guided him to discover.

The wounded and open heart and the erect phallus symbols taken together  beautifully and  more fully than most would have imagined  show  'body and soul' united. Christianity has the capacity to bring this image to consciousness but it has not yet in any general or consensus way. So much negativity, which seems may now about to be overcome, was placed on human sexuality in the most powerful arm of  the very early church. Augustine later, along with  the good  he brought, strongly  consigned human sexuality to the inferior and dark place it has has occupied throughout Western history, in both church and culture. This unconsciously was done by Christian teaching to assure that this very unity would not be achieved too early(and escape the necessary learning  curve of the past 2000 years. They did a good job.

I’ve silently wondered from childhood, especially with the onset of puberty and sexual orgasm, 'Surely Jesus experienced this intentionally and consciously as well.?" But like others I repressed that idea as somehow being blasphemous instead of the obvious unbiased  natural conclusion. He just could not possibly be that much 'like me' most of us concluded and our Bible teachers agreed. Rarely was such a question ever asked. But it is asked by many today.  And  I was barely conscious that if I could not identify with Jesus at the most profound and ecstatic of human experience then most identification I managed to make was only intellectual, lacking the full sensations of both mind and heart. This dream symbol is making it clear that my childhood musings were truthful, important and have now become a center of awareness essential for human spiritual/psychological development in our era. 

The movie Man Of  La Mancha, based on the 16th century legend of  unlikely Spanish hero  Don Quixoto,  presents a supreme emotional  moment of spiritual insight. It is another way of symbolizing what the  dream  is emphasizing. On his death bed, where he had forgotten the 'things of his deepest heart' and with the help of   'the feminine',  he remembers more fully who he really  is. He is far more than  just body and brain. He is 'body and soul' and he actually experiences them both as a unity.  He is suddenly aware of both his flesh and his spirit, his body and soul. When he expresses or 'shows' this central and true insight  to the woman she is also moved to her deepest levels of  'heart and soul.'  Both have 'found' that they are more than what today we call our rational ego consciousness- our 'me.' They experience it and the viewer can't imagine  anyone needing to tell or teach them of such a knowledge. . It is what has always been called, 'revelation' and something that  must 'come' of its own, perhaps after a very long and arduous spiritual journey.  The dream implies that  every human potentially can experience this.  This is the discovery of the 'Self' in Jungian terms or the owning of ones soul of which Jesus asks , 'Who  would be willing to exchange for anything else in the universe?' The emotional moment is expressed by both Don Quixote and His Lady  with welled up  tears of human joy. I think the dream expresses a similar new awareness of themselves  that men and women of today are far more prepared to arrive at consciously than ever before. This is an exciting discovery of a fuller understanding of who we humans really are and what our potential is for a more fully living and loving.  I do not wish to imply that such experience for any mortal can be total and complete in this life but it surely may potentially be a profound life  changing 'repentance' for individuals and the culture generally.


Yet how many Jesus admirers today are able to allow this centrally human reality and sensation to have  belonged to Jesus in a fully conscious, celebratory and spiritual way? I’m afraid very few but surely more than ever in the past. The symbolism of this dream would be rejected by most even now because of our uneasiness and negativity regarding our natural God -given sexual nature.  Many, even if deeply touched, would say regarding the movie scene , " Oh Well, it is only a movie.'  What is most important in our day is often referred to as 'an only' and thus is dismissed back to the unconscious from where it tried to reach our full conscious acceptance. 

The dream is asserting that the coming together, the uniting of 'body and soul' , 'head and heart', 'sexuality and spirituality'  is the present evolutionary leap that is essential for the spiritual and evolutionary 'salvation' of the species. This kind of   discovered Consciousness is the place where the strengthened bridge between God and Human, so needed in today’s world, is structured. This need has long been expressed in sacred text, novel, movie, song and even soap opera(common avenues that can reveal  contents of the Collective Unconscious.) But rarely is it brought forth in a religious setting, even though there is much Biblical scripture to support it. This symbol is also an indication of the unity of  the  Greek three aspects of love- Agape(unconditional value and support), Phileo(joyous friendship) and Eros ( visceral bodily desire.) Another cultural breakthrough that greatly encouraged Carl Jung is  the 'Assumption of the fleshly Mary to heaven' by the Catholic Church dogma of 1957. This, against all rational thinking or obvious  scripture support  is an indication of this union of Flesh and Spirit, Sexuality and Spirituality into the Godhead itself. And the recent stories- eg Jesus Christ Superstar , The Last Temptation and The Da Vinci Code- so popularized about Jesus loving a real woman intimately demonstrates the growing conscious need and acceptance of this image of a truly 'body and soul' Jesus. I'm reminded of an old Oak Ridge Boys song that says, " I would have liked him better if he were a little more like me."

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