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DREAM: ORIENTAL AND CHURCH URINAL... April 12, 2011...edited Sept.27, 2012

Dream.. Oriental Scene
I was present and welcomed into the private life of an oriental extended family. I was aware I was a stranger to this situation and was careful to not offer opinion regarding the ritual-like behaviors they were participating in. I made an effort to be supportive to the patriarchal leader of the group. At the end of the dream a beautiful anima figure dressed in a fitted purple dress appeared and took a back seat in the area. She was softly smiling and seemed very pleased with how I was handling myself. That meant a lot to me.

Oriental Anima Figure

Dream..Church Group Urinal
I was a part of a church group on a bus trip. We stopped at a very nice store and restaurant. I went to the restroom. While standing at a urinal a female came in and I was somewhat startled. She said, " It's OK. This is a gender neutral restroom." Then she took a seat on a toilet behind a screen but very near me. I felt comfortable and glad that men and women could be so objective and practical to use the same facilities. Obviously neither of us was experiencing or choosing to allow this to be a 'sexually' stimulating event. It was the farthest thing from my mind. It struck me as a strong step in cultural sexual maturity and a much needed kind of respect between the sexes. Her(probably an anima figure) assuring me that it was 'OK' set me at ease and expressed a confidence she had in me about my capacity to be responsible and respectful, the opposite of voyeuristic. And I was especially pleased that the church people I was with were comfortable with this and sort of 'leading the way' in this reasonable social change.

REFLECTION: I do not think the second dream is predicting some great move for such shared restroom facilities or giving that as some essential ethical  goal. It is far deeper than that.  It reflects an attitude that is more  mature and  spiritually/psychologically advanced than many people are ready for or comfortable with. I see the dream more importantly  pointing toward a greater maturity between the sexes. The recent steps of making men and women, gays, straights, transgendered  and lesbians able to serve side by side in our armed forces reflect a real world present change of the type the dream is highlighting.  A recent survey says that over 50% of Illinoisans are supportive of  equality of marriage, up more than 10 % from  two years ago. Along with many other 'anima' dreams I've had, I think these dreams are pointing to a collective change for which our culture is overly pregnant and ready to give birth. I will attempt to explain below.

The female anima figure, so common in modern dreams including my own, is giving approval to what is going on in both dreams. This is very important to me and I think to our culture. The anima, according to Jung and also confirmed in my repeated  dream experience of 'her', is a connection of the human ego consciousness to the world of the Collective Unconscious. 'She' represents the voice of the world of the Spirit, of God. 'She' shows herself in many ways and with many faces.  She can never  be fully comprehended anymore than, with a little thought, we would positively  know an omniscient God remains always beyond the grasp of our human ego and intelligence. No mortal ever holds God in his hands. It is a great illusion to think if we have a word for something we must also have an understanding of it. 

In the first dream 'her' dress and shapeliness is a reminder of the the importance of sensory instinct and pleasure. 'She' would be quick to warn of getting caught up into sensuous pleasure at the cost of the responsibilities demanded of human living, but for humans to to deny or oppress any natural instinct( as we do continuously) is to cut off the source of life and passion, in short to cut off the path to fuller human spiritual/psychological development. In the second dream 'her' presence reminds that the conflicts and the misunderstandings between the masculine and feminine (also between East and West pictured in the first dream) principles of life is something that is still in the process of being resolved at both inner and outer levels of human life. Any philosophy or religion which thinks these opposites have ever been properly balanced in recorded human history fools themselves. There is a way the world can be that has not yet been reached but is now near at hand. The union of  feminine and masculine  life principles, yin and yang, has always been pointed to as a highest goal of conscious human life,  but never has the goal been reached and experienced by men or women in general, as a way of being in such harmony,  in any culture.
'One Flesh' Modern Sculpture

I think of how Genesis invokes the possibility of ' man and woman' potentially truly becoming 'one flesh' and the apostle's pronouncement that 'in Christ there is no male or female.' These were statements of light in very dark places. Such statements came from the pens and mouths of people who were living in cultures that did not well reflect such realities at all, whether the patriarchal Hebrew society or the male-dominated churches of the apostle Paul. But they came as revelations pointing to a new day and time when such goals could actually become the common human experience. We tread closely to that time now. And it is just in time before we humans self destruct in one of many possible ways too horrible to imagine.

Modern dreams such as this one are saying, with no less authority than the 'anima' , that humanity is on the threshold of a major leap toward a union of the 'male and female' as foundational life principles resulting in expressions and experiences in the actual mutual love life experience of real human men and women. This would be nothing less than a breakthrough in the quality of love in the world. The dreams predict that what will be saving humanity, in all its present polarizations animosities, is a rise in the level of the collective ego consciousness where such religious goals of humankind as genuinely 'loving each other' will be realized as never before possible.  

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