Monday, October 29, 2012


There was a continuous striving to set up some kind of retirement or severance pay for myself. Along side this were events and activities at  an upscale resort located by beautiful waters flowing right beside the facility. The river  and beautiful surrounding offered a beautiful lookout  scene for many of the most desired rooms of the resort. Several people , appearing to be in mid-life, who I knew were at the facility. Each of them seems to be looking for more of the 'good life.' There was gourmet food and expensive wines available to all. Four people seeking the experience of the resort were : 1. A childhood family acquaintance who became a successful  college  coach . 2. A member of the Presbyterian church I pastored for 20 years. 3. One of my brothers and  4. a mid-life female family member. One person was there seeking an extra marital encounter. Another was on a get-a-way due to his celebrity status. One was there exploring un-lived parts of his religiously restricted life. One was there seeking a physical environment that was  fully out of range for him to  financially afford. (As in nearly all dreams these people are not, in any way,  being personally presented as they actually are in real life or heart but are used as familiar images to me  to represent  here a wide range  of common  needs and longings.) These are a good  representation from  my family, hometown, culture and religious heritage. Some of these people seemed very out of their usual element. They were searching for something more,  something was missing for them, a need for life to be more alive ,exciting or challenging than their  routine appeared to afford. It seemed in the dream that their search did not prove very successful or fulfilling. Contentment  was hardly the expression on their faces. The conversation was not one of  depth but superficial. It was like they were searching in the wrong place.

REFLECTION: Setting up 'retirement or severance pay' and the  expensive Resort are both images very alive in our culture. They are often associated with 'The American Dream.' This dream seems to be a commentary on some of the social traps alive today for life seeking  typical Americans. Neither the resort or planning for retirement are inherently bad but when such things become where we search for foundational happiness and contentment they can become very empty and lonely in their actual result.

Here is a dream that fits what  is unfortunately often in harmony with  so-called conservative and liberal  success values or mis-values of morality, religion and politics. Conservative camps of religion and politics seem  as bound to such elevated materialistic values as the ones considered more liberal or progressive. These represent the materialistic traps of our entire culture. The striving that has been set in motion by  misguided notions of the American Dream of  Success. None of these persons showed any sign, in the dream, of having a highly active inner life much less being able to focus there for their  needed spiritual resources. Everything real and desired seems to be the them on the outside. Once again, a dream surprises me as something that my consciousness would not have selected to present, with so many perils to life, to give somber warning about. The Unconscious truly has an intent of its own that consistently surprises any ego consciousness willing to pay attention.  By the way  I Notice I am present with  this crowd also and am one of them. Jim

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