Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I generally  avoid expressing political opinion on Facebook and have rejected posting many a cute half-truth political poster. For I am very aware that many of my Facebook friends do not share my political leanings. But this election is very important to all of us and to the future well being and integrity of our country.   So I am going to make an exception.  Here I go.....

A key moment  in Tuesday's Presidential debate was when  Governor Romney went in for the kill so sure he had nailed the president. He  raised his eyebrows in  confident victory.  And then awkwardly and  literally stumbled in body and speech at his own mistaken judgment.  Much of the audience knew he was wrong before he did.  How embarrassing. Yet he never admitted, even in gesture,  that his  extremely disrespectful, but to him once delicious, accusation was dead wrong.

I struggle to see  how anyone can see that kind of misplaced venom, made clear in both body and word, and  still feel un-bothered about the inner character it comes from.  Sometimes we don't really 'watch a debate' to learn something. Yet many Obama supporters, and I'm sure Obama as well,  did actually 'watch  and weep'  as they confessed defeat in the first debate. But I'm not yet hearing if many really watched  and saw what Mitt  Romney did in those key moments of unscripted real life.

It is these unplanned moments  that historically Americans have  learned something important  from debates about the character and maturity of the debaters. The rest is all preplanned, canned talking points. In debates we all for sure tend to see what we want to see. But shouldn't we strongly attempt  to be objective  when so much is being laid out in the open about a serious  character flaw in the president-seeking  debater?

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