Sunday, December 2, 2012


 Sadly, it was only by convincing many who finally signed the 13th amendment ,making slavery illegal, that it did 'not mean' moral and theological equality of blacks and whites that they reluctantly signed it. It did mean full equality of the races then to the wisest and more morally sensitive
 So in spite of much clinging bigotry 'right and good' took the day and a higher moral road for the country was taken. I'm glad these stragglers at least were willing to take a stand that black persons were 'equal under the law' but it demonstrated how far many still had to go to come into the fuller moral truth. As someone said, 'Tolerance is far better than hate but it is never enough in the long run for all human injustices...only love is.' It can make one pause to ask what social injustices  today do we in mass tend to be stragglers and late comers in giving our heartfelt support?

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