Friday, July 10, 2015


The Collective Consciousness of America seems to be rapidly expanding on various fronts.  Are Americans waking up to some changing moral  values including the value  and support placed  on  the love and  marriage commitments between  gay persons?  This has breathtakingly  surged from polls taken  even ten years ago. Such rapid change or waking up to a new value is always accompanied by growing pains from whichever point of view one has carried rather habitually. We can hope that changes are not coming so fast that people do not have time to assimilate or rush to think that 'some conspiracy' is forcing it on us.  Maybe what eventually takes shape in the culture will be experienced  by most  as an activity of 'something larger' at work than just politics or activists.  This can be a new sense of the religious function at work in the culture and  give some  people a renewed  sense that the Sacred is involved.

This being said it is my hope that we are all having some of our religious or moral  traditional beliefs challenged.  I know mine have been continually for several decades. I've found   the way I had concluded that homosexuality is always immoral, and not another expression of human/Sacred love, can only be reached, as best I can tell, when the Bible is read as if it were written directly to us by a modern author. And even then by ignoring strong contradictions to such a conclusion with  far more central teachings of Jesus and other Bible themes. The Bible's truthful overall nature has to be, however sincerely, intentionally disregarded to reach that negative conclusion about this part of our citizenry.  I  fully understand this is how many sincere people  read and follow parts of the Bible. This short video briefly demonstrates at least that there is another way to read the Bible... A way of approaching the Bible that results in different applications today of the few selected verses of the Bible used to devalue and not support, as we do for straight couples, the love between same sex committed partners. This other view of the Bible has led many to value and support sexual love between same sex couples believing it can be just as needed in the world and a fulfillment of God's will as that between any straight couples. This other view of the Bible's nature helps explain why many Americans have awakened to a new value and  now support the Equality of Marriage for gay and lesbian persons as something genuinely good and loving.

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