Friday, July 17, 2015


This may be my recurring kind of thought process and observation of public/private life that 'helps thou my unbelief.' and creates hope.  I do not credit Obama personally that he, in my opinion, is being a significant 'consciousness raiser' for the American collective. I hope he is an example of a person being an instrument of nature, evolution, God, or however one describes it, for the common good. This is not something that anyone can plan or scheme into reality. It is larger than any me or us.  But is an example of 'what one is for whatever reasons' being, at just the right time, in a 'just so' perfect harmony with   barely conscious  needs of the collective consciousness. To have such an un-conspired effect is like hitting  the  bulls eye of a rapidly moving target at an incredible long distance with a bow and arrow while riding horse back.

Psychologically, and maybe theologically, this can be called a 'synchronicity'(A highly attention getting meaningful coincidence that is not rationally caused.) I interpret the recent sudden successive Supreme Court's decisions, 'making more conscious'  the  meaning of the Confederate flag, the Iran Deal and the first presidential visit to a prison as aspects of this Obama-Nation synchronicity.(This is all when a President is considered a lame duck) All these are likely very important 'consciousness raising' happenings for the country. I am also very sensitively aware that all these can be individually  painful  experiences, which is the nature of 'consciousness raising.'

This latest example included his speech inside a prison which may become quite  significant  in their  historical  ethical social effects...He said, " Many of these are young men who made a mistake, not unlike the mistakes that I made and that many of you made. The difference is they did not have the support structure, the resources (socially/legally/psychologically/educationally) to  SURVIVE their mistake like you and I did." This statement  strikes me as a mixture of personal confession and gratitude of his own life along with a solid 'as yourselves' application to the lives and hearts of others; the inmates and all the rest of us who have developed or allowed unjust public  policies.

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