Saturday, July 18, 2015


I'm thinking our president may be one of the most visionary persons in high public life in recent times. This 'deal with the devil' (Iran) is nearly a perfect example of the Jungian notion that you do not rid the 'shadow' within or without by ... destroying it , crushing it and trying to live as if the shadow is not real or powerful. We have become so accustomed to just beating the crap out of 'the enemy' that we have nearly lost the capacity to interact creatively with any scary 'other'. This reminds me of that metaphorical statement of Jesus, ' you had better strike a deal on the way to judgment with your adversary or you will pay every penny.' Metaphorical truths have their moments when they are exactly and literally true in the outer human real situation.
I am feeling grateful that Obama seems to have been thinking far more into the future from the start of his presidency than the themes that were the hot ones in the news all along. He had dreams of creative solutions to some of the biggest problems. I imagine he envisioned today, and why it was the right thing to do, before he ever entered the office. I'm pretty amazed and proud of his accomplishment(s).
BTW.... just listen to the 'smaller' voices all over the air waves. Someone said, ' it is late in the day when small persons cast long shadows.' Its good to see there are some very large persons that come along in history. I know many do not, and perhaps cannot, agree with this assessment. I am  open to other opinions also.

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