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This question was posed by a Facebook friend about expressions that are sometimes heard in efforts to console a person's  moment of great human tragedy or  loss:  "God is in control..."Or "God is still in control".....Or "Everything happens for a reason"... What do these even mean,  in any practical way for our times?

Here is my effort to respond:  *The Western ego(what most consider 'me'), including the typical Christianized ego, does not know, believe let alone trust there is any true reality beyond what it apprehends with its physical senses. So to say to most anyone in midst of seeming tragedy any of these statements, which have become clichés to most persons, would be cruel and even correctly resented.

I suspect it is not typically till after mid life in our materialistic culture that a human becomes  very capable of consciously experiencing there is something 'other' that is part of themselves beyond the 'ego me'. This is what the instinctual  religious function  in us humans is about as it seeks to 'open our eyes' to what is more than only ego perception.   And  it is where the stories of revelation, hearing 'a voice of God'  and  the statements you quote  had their legitimately experienced origin. Until the entrance of depth psychology , the past 100 years, there had been no way to grasp, to have an Archimedean leverage point,  an awareness of the 'other' within us  through personal ego consciousness alone. Or to have anything close to an 'explanation' of such  an experience of the 'other'.  So such reports  in past millennia  usually degenerated to now being 'only  superstitions'  that many still cling to without significant or convincing  inner experience of it.

But ancient  or now, when such experience happens a person can find themselves legitimately living with a conscious awareness of both the ego perceived world(all there is with ego consciousness alone) and a reality that is beyond our ego and  of  which  the ego can normally  have barely a conscious and often fleeting comprehension of.  Yet a  person significantly aware of this 'more than the ego' part of themselves still feels the pain of all human suffering but from a view  just outside and broader than  the limited ego. This  state of awareness cannot come from being 'told' to believe it. It must be experienced to be real.  Moving toward this increased range of consciousness is a central goal  of  the processes of depth  psychology, initiated in modern  times   by Freud's scientific discovery of the personal unconscious and much expanded  by C.G. Jung as Analytical Psychological.

 The expressions you quote  have in times past and present been  found to be experienced in the struggles of  some more 'individuated' personalities.  This happening is  never anything to boast of for it is simply a matter of  psychological/spiritual development.  This development, though including what can only be described as what people  imagine as  'miracle and ecstasy' is also  clearly natural and not supernatural. This means it is a possible state of consciousness that can come to any human being in his/her development. And  hopefully it is becoming the experience of many more persons than ever before.  It does likely require  quiet and meditative type outer and  inner spaces to nurture such a  process of development, something that  the Western materialistic ego is  often not turned toward in interest or that people find easily  available.  The outer environment's noise, both physical and in  thoughts and  image,  that we seem to prefer crowds out what seeks to be noticed from within. Here we can learn from the East without trying to copy it.

Why this happens to only some and when will it be more typical are probably questions unanswerable but must be related to the evolution of our species' collective consciousness. Surely the word  GOD found in all cultures  is made most relevant by such a mind  development but, to be warned,  it's being experienced is also most likely something quite   different than any present collective notion of the idea of GOD. (It would not be expected to be a total  discontinuity from present collective religious views but a further development of them. For it all comes from the same Collective Unconscious source.)    God  is probably  best now  thought of as enfolded within us , and all of nature, collectively and individually, not as 'some thing or being' out there somewhere separate from our own natural, but barely becoming understood, natural  mind or psyche.

This more immanent view of  the 'God mind' , the imperfect and incomprehensible, guide of universal Evolution, being enfolded into all creation coupled with humanity's growing awareness of  our being more  than only our initial  ego impressions has encouraging implications: That in our present age, far more than ever before, God and human are in a cooperative dependent relationship with each other. Amazingly implied is that God 'needs'  this newly developing human consciousness for God's own development  as much as the human needs the guiding function of  the  ever  evolving and supporting 'Mind of God.'   It is encouraging to know that  persons from many quarters  now, far more than in the past,  are becoming conscious of  a movement within themselves that is  in harmony with the 'other' or  'God mind'   toward  a  higher valuing and respect  of all humans and all other elements of creation.  (One astonishing example is how the equality of female and male, so contrary to past millennia and American culture, is now grasped and claimed  by a majority of Western persons. This in the space of only a few decades and unimaginable  even  to the founders of America. That phenomenon I suggest is not the result of any human conscious political   conspiracy but a matter of evolution and  a strong leap in  human collective consciousness. A cooperation between human consciousness and the 'mind of evolution' or what can still be called God. There are many other just as amazing and 'used to be  unconscious'  developments happening.)

This positive hope for the future of humanity and the planet  still faces resistance of  the strong instincts of  our past survival traumas which created  our tendency toward tribalism  and looking after one's self and one's own rather than seeing the now more obvious need of striving for the good and health of the whole. This  while also  preserving the necessity and  uniqueness of each contributing part of creation. I think we are seeing , especially in politics and religion, very strong last minute convulsive like seizures  to, at all costs,  stave off this destined  evolutionary movement toward a much improved and healthier humanity and planet.

*As I write this I am aware that, in addition to Depth Psychiatrist  Carl Jung,  I am  influenced by the hopeful and empowering 'visions' of Jesuit priest and world renowned evolutionary paleontologist(how is that for a combination?)  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin along with some of the implications of Scientific  Physics Quantum Theory. And God only knows what or who else.

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