Friday, November 11, 2016


It is clear that half of voting Americans(with the majority of electoral votes) got their desire granted tonight that the man Donald Trump be promoted to President. I will not listen to words like, 'He is not my president' or, 'Lets keep him from having any success.'

Mr. Trump should be pleased to learn, contrary to his insistence that it is crooked,  that America's system of electing a president was not rigged after all. It seems to have been kept pure and not corrupt.

He campaigned hard and won the votes. I, and  hoping others who did not vote for him, give my heart felt support to him and those on the side of increased political power. That they will find their sincere ways to use it for the genuine good of America, for  all its people  including those who Mr. Trump terribly denigrated and disrespected in campaign speech. And  also wishing them well  in guiding America to fulfill its needed place in the world.

There is a great need and, I sense, desire of many for some kind of presently undefinable coming together, uniting and cooperating for the good of the country and world as well as for our personal well being .

I hope much of the anger that had built up in many middle American people  from their feeling of not being heard or represented will now begin to subside and be transformed into a positive view of what is presently good about our land. That we all more than ever will value its ideal of potentially governing for the 'common good' of all citizens  and for a clearer realization that we remain a new and ever changing  and imperfect experiment with democracy. One which can fail us all if we take it for granted or abuse its intended goals which is for the diverse collective good as well as for the personal.

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