Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DREAM: HOPEFUL ANXIETY...september 7, 2011, edited Nov. 26, 2011

I was in a public high school. There was much unrest amid reports the school had been attacked and damaged. I started down a long hallway which had large glass windows facing the outside. I noticed there were tiny holes in these windows dispersed through the whole distance of the hallway. I was sure they were made by some kind of bullets, a pellet gun or the bird shot from a shot gun. Each tiny hole was surrounded by a hazy circle about two inches in diameter with steaks running from the outside of the circular damaged area to the center, like spokes on a wheel.(This is the nature of the religious mandala so common in older church windows.) I finished observing this and left the hallway. When I came to the same hall later everything was wet and water was gushing long streams through each of the hundreds of holes in the windows. I and the others got soaked as we passed through the hallway. 

REFLECTION: It is positive that the bullet holes are circles, always an indication that wholeness and truer perspectives are in process of forming. I think this is more of a 'collective dream' reflecting the high level of anxiety present now in our American and World cultures. People feel that all is up in the air and the future is bleak. One of my brothers said yesterday that he was feeling our generation had experienced America at its best and that recovery to such days was not likely. Not arguing I agreed with his concern because 'rationally' our picture is bleak indeed. The dream cynically and humorously pictures this negative reality by the arched  'streams' of water which are like urinary streams. The dream is saying we are not at fault for feeling we are being 'pissed on.'

But this dream shows that something better is on the way, is being formed in us as we pass through such an anxious and uncertain time. The dream shows the Sacred and archetypal activity and energy is at the very center of the circles ,or the mandalas, which means to me something like the N.T. expression of Kairos or 'the time is right'. 'Everything is set' for a genuine renewal of the Spirit, religious and political perspectives, and direction of the country and even of the world. It is through the means of good and honest education that such passages can be found and followed at significant turning points in history, so the dream is in a 'public school.' 'Public' is saying that what is transpiring is not just something good for the elite, formally religious or especially gifted but for the public at large, for all people. And the water, though somewhat irritating and out of control(like the pesky fly on the leg of my fishing partner yesterday) is not the full destructive form of water in such images as worldwide flood or tsunami. The dream depicts the Collective Unconscious as very active at the very 'centers' of our national life right now. And it is not just exerting its energy at one or two places but this is throughout the entire 'hall ways' of life.

This dream does not bode well for persons, groups and attitudes that would be the direct cause and supporters of this ;attack on the school' and the  outer/inner factors pressing for educational/psychological/spiritual progress, thus an attack on the avenues for increased human consciousness. Neither does it bode well for any who have  a non caring attitude toward the common and average people of our and other cultures. The changes coming will not be in favor of such persons, religions and ideologies that have overtly or covertly made such attacks on the well being of humanity and the planet's resources. Such times are indeed frightening to every one but they are also times , if we hear the voice of the Collective Unconscious-the voice of the Sacred, of great hope and excited anticipation for our collective lives to come into greater harmony with the Sacred will for our times.. Jim

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