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DREAM: MAKING WAR...december 3, 2009

As I begin recording this I see no value or any way it promotes or improves my conscious perceptions. I mention this for this is so typical of dream material. As was mentioned in the previous dream , dream material often at fist appears as trash rather than anything that aids in one's perception of the presence of God.

DREAM: This was a military training dream. With several others I traveled to an Army base to receive training in the use of very large long range guns. I drove myself and another participant there. We managed to pass the place up, called in for directions and then circled back to the guarded secure sight. I crossed a wide river to finally get there. We were told to just follow directions and not work hard to understand, just do as we were told. No one was mean or harsh with us. One my former elders at Clear Lake Church o f Christ  was a key person there. He and the rest were dressed in army camouflaged fatigue. There was some mention that we may stay in some civilian homes for the evening. One of those possibilities was at the elder's  home.I went  there knowing there  was nothing to fear. At one point we were picked up by army personnel and rode on open small tracked carts into the underground gun area. We were introduced to the actual guns. We were given a small lens apparatus that we attached to the gun sight. I managed to crack a lens cover but it was replaced for me. I could see in the very far distance across the water the target area we were to shoot at. I hardly let myself think that the purpose of all this was to kill other humans at that target sight, probably without ever actually seeing them face to face.

ASIDE: David Rhode wrote in The New York Times [December 12, 2001] about the bombing of the village of Mowshkheyl in Paktika province.  At 4 a.m. on Sunday morning , December 9th , the American planes struck just as families were preparing the daily predawn meal that is part of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. A day earlier, a group of "Arabs" had passed through the village on their flight from Kandahar. The bomb released hundreds of smaller bombs that sprayed the area with shrapnel, reported Bibi Hawa, aunt of a 6 year old girl paralyzed by the attack, hospitalized in Ghazni. The girl, Palwasha, has a tiny shard of metal which neatly severed her spinal chord. The girl's mother, Rose, was struck by shrapnel which tore through her abdomen. The hospital doctor spoke about other injured dying. Thirteen people were killed and more than 40 were injured, said Bibi Hawa.

Bibi Hawa and  her  6 yr.  old niece
Bibi Hawa and her 6 yr old niece

REFLECTION: As I reflect I am still quite at a loss to see how or why this dream asks to be taken seriously by the conscious mind processes. I will stop at this point and come back to it later. It is obviously about something that represents the most inhuman activity that is so common not only in ancient barbaric humanity but right now among the most educated and supposedly enlightened humans and nations among us. This is about the premeditated , high cost, high tech effort that humans are making everyday to kill each other with as little conscious thought and regret as possible. This is about war.

Interestingly, the dream does not show any horrors of war with the bloodshed and screaming of raped women and burning children. The dream is much more the way most of us in the West experience war. It is planned, supported and positively heralded by respectable kind, innocent and even very religious people. Prolonged war can probably only be continued by a culture who has turned off its full 'understanding'. Well meaning people have to cross a very wide 'river of unconsciousness' to get to and maintain the 'stomach for war.' We are truly told to not seek to 'understand', just get in line and support our righteous cause. It is essential that a full description of the 'enemy' never be attempted and to be strongly repressed. When supporting war we wear 'camouflage' in order to prevent ourselves from being fully conscious of ourselves and our willingness to kill our fellows. Religions are frequently a strong supporter of the inclination to war. I was in a large southern Baptist church during the prelude to the Iraq war. As 'America' was sung by the choir beneath a cross pictures including x15 fighter jets were shown screaming across large screens. No doubt hearts surged with patriotism as if Jesus had given the command. 'Let's go kick some Iraqi ass.' The Old Testament stories featuring a warring Jehovah when taken literally and without the discriminating intellect become solid anchors for making war with the 'infidels' or those 'gone whoring after other gods.' No matter how evil some individuals have become , even their leaders, it is still regular people trying to live this human life on whom war is waged. That means it is for the greater part very innocent men, women and children who are being killed. The poorer the nation the more likely the more innocent is its general population. War can only be sustained by staying unconscious of the daily life of the actual enemy. We don't have to look at the target but can sit with cozy friends 'across the water' and make plans to pull the trigger. The 'lens' through which we could become conscious gets broken and that is all the better to those who must keep the war going. War is truly an 'underground' activity for it depends on keeping oneself and ones countrymen in a continuing state of blind unconsciousness.

Interestingly there are no females in the dream.. It is ultimately love not war that is the goal of the 'anima.' So she is totally missing. Somehow it has become from the beginning the male psyche that is most able to suspend consciousness and find every noble reason to make war. Perhaps the experience of childbirth places into woman a greater consciousness that humans are humans no matter who their mother is. What have forever been considered 'female' dispositions which include nurturing, peace creating, meaningful compromise, transcending selfish tribal boundaries easily become lacking in human males, especially when they are functioning as a group or team. There has always been and still are men who are genuinely happy warriors. General 'Patton' in the movie stands on the still smoking smelly battle field and describes the human horror that has just transpired. He pauses and then confesses, ' My God I love it.'

The great fear of seriously being a non-war person or nation is that 'just because we withdraw this unconscionable activity in no way means the enemy who desires our death will ever take such an attitude.' So we must get him before he gets us. This is why it is so hard to 'pass up' the opportunity to make war. So far humanity, including America, always 'comes back to it' as a primary way of relating culture to culture. The U.S. president George W. Bush put in motion an attitude of the the 'right to initiate unilateral war' that has never existed as policy of our nation. He soberly told Congress and the nation, in the long build up to the Iraq War, invoking the image of a mushroom cloud that, ' in these days we must attack the potential enemy BEFORE he has attacked us. We must be willing to make the pre-emptive strikes on Potential Enemies. This is the only way we can have a safe America."

The dream suggests the place to start in making the world less instead of more war prone is like all other threatening matters of evil: become consciously mindful of what war really is , of who and how it really harms. Stand ,in your mind, in the humble homes of the ones your guns would kill and 'see' the innocents weep over evil that they have nothing to do with destroying their lives. Stand at Dover, as the President recently did, and see our service personnel bring back the bodies of young men and women. Men and women whom we have sent with the words, 'please kill them for us." Since Viet Nam it has become harder and harder for Americans to wage war because of increased consciousness but those gains can be lost if the real images of that war and present ones are not kept at a higher place of consciousness than we now seem willing to face. People who live 'across the water' are literally one trigger pull away. Drone, unmanned planes, deliver bombs on selected sights in  Afghanistan and Pakistan month after month by a human trigger finger in Nevada. And  the average American  does not give it a serious thought or have  any serious negative feeling.  To wage war without weeping  is a thoroughly inhuman activity and can only harm our souls and that of our powerful and beautiful nation. This truly shows that on-going  war requires the 'collective unconsciousness' of those who wage it.

Mass Burial Of Civilian Casualties Of War.
Like every true advancement in human spiritual evolution a less war torn world begins with those who are willing to look at the reality of war honestly for what it is and does. To literally 'hold it in consciousness.' That honesty will make it much harder to make plans to pull the trigger and to instead  begin the virtuous genuinely determined search for ways to solve conflicts between nations and religions before they become war. That must be an essential possibility if the human species is to survive long into the future. Jim Hibbett

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