Friday, August 19, 2011

DREAM: FEED THE WORLD...november 2009.

A silly little simple dream image hounded me all night. I was so conscious of it that I kept expecting and asking it to present more specific detail but it stayed the same. The best I can describe it is: I was observing a little game process among some common looking people of the world. They were having a friendly competition and no matter the outcome of the game the result was that other people received needed nutritional food packages. I kept waiting for more detail as to how it worked. The dream persisted in keeping itself in this simple form  with no details.
REFLECTION: It seems the dream insists in not predicting the 'hows' of this world wide picture so as not to water down the basic theme. In some kind of respectful human competition, perhaps a competition to develop the details of such an accomplishment, nutritious food is able to universally reach the places and people who need it. Those receiving the food were not only the poor but also the affluent whose diet is not healthy. It is obvious the world is capable of generating the kind and quality of food so that the world's population is able to be nutritiously fed. The dream is show-casing the central goal that needs to be owned by social/spiritual/ethical leaders is 'feeding the world' nutritiously.

This may mean many other changes in human attitude and behavior. The West has to assume a greater part of the responsibility for initiating such changes because of our advanced technology in every area of human scientific understanding and of the fact that we still consume far more of the world's natural resources than others. This may mean that policies are put in place to help bring about far more nutritious eating behavior than we presently follow. Look at prepared foods. They are loaded with sugar(corn syrup), salt and unhealthy fats. These work like poisons to Western people. Grain fed and hormone injected animal meats may be an unhealthy source of food that have become the status quo. The political will to change these non-nutritious Western systems of food supply is part of the details to take shape if the dream is to be significantly realized.

America's effort to provide a more effective and fair health care system is a central part of realizing this dream. Another part of the details has to do with the human use and production of controllable energy in its myriad forms. This is another area the present administration is at least verbally seeking to stir up interest and movement. There are strong initial competing political and moral perspectives that are alive regarding food, health and energy. There are strong self interested groups with major political power to stop or slow the deeply rutted status quo in each of these areas. These forces need to interact and real changes and polices that serve the anticipated outcome of the dream need to be experienced and fleshed out to form a real and comprehensive path to the dream's goal. A self interest motivation that may come to be a higher and determining value of the policy makers is the desire to be on the 'right side' of history. Political views that try to halt the natural process of history and social evolution will inevitably fail. But the human sense of self determination must be strongly experienced in standing against those strong forces that will eventually be seen as efforts to halt the natural movement of history. Another area that is a part of the details for this dream being realized is humanity taking control of the human population explosion. Nature eventually regulates the numbers of any earthly species, including the human. This often comes by lowering populations by the increase of predators, illness, natural disaster or ,with humans, possibly self destruction through war and terrorism. The dream would stimulate population control by conscious control measures , such as family planning and birth control rather than passively receiving the 'natural' ways of illness, starvation,natural disaster and self destruction.

The dream assumes that the human knowledge, will and creative capacity is where the details of implementing this dream can and must be found. 'Feeding the world' is the value the dream is saying must be felt and claimed before the details can follow. Like all great human/sacred achievements the goal must first be embraced before the 'hows' are found. There is much evidence that this goal has gradually come into increased conscious awareness the two decades. The dream seems to lay out the most single vision of a renewed world being a world where the population is fed nutritiously.

Jim Hibbett

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