Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DREAM: KEEP LISTENING...january 30, 2010

Touch Down
I was in a forest and several men were around. I was putting up a simple radio antenna. It consisted of two upright wires with a cross piece, just like a football goal. I was feeling fascinated with the idea of picking up communication from beyond. The voice of Landon Saunders came in. I said to the other, 'that is the most pleasant radio voice I have ever heard.' I did not say that I once worked with Landon on a project in my town.

REFLECTION: Unlike some recent dreams there was nothing alarming or upsetting about this one. It ties into my strong childhood fascination with radio wave communication. It is  hard for me to describe what a feeling of 'connection' it was then. Every time I pass a little radio station I am reminded of that childhood fascination. The basic message of this dream, in light of previous dreams, is simply, 'to keep listening and keep fascinated with what you may hear.' I believe this dream is describing the appropriate attitude for listening for the voice of God. This for me now is focused on listening to my own dream life. I think that last dream was a breakthrough of some kind in what I heard in that disturbing 'deep throat' image. This dream is now easing up on me and saying that the voice now will generally be a very pleasant and supportive voice. Landon's voice is symbolic to me personally of such a benevolent and kind, yet strongly spiritual voice. (Landon is a spiritual teacher who holds inner city workshops and produces some of the most excellent spiritual materials under the title of 'Heartbeat, I'm acquainted with. I worked with him for such a Workshop when I was a minister at the Clear Lake Church of Christ in Springfield, IL. His voice seems made for radio work which he once did a lot of.)Also the shape of the antenna is a kind of 'congratulations' message.
Landon Saunders Lecturing

 The shape is a football goal post. I've described my unrealized childhood fantasy of being an exceptional football player. This image refers back to that and basically says, 'Jim ,  so far you are winning the real game you were to play in life.' The common victory sign of holding up two arms , the shape of the antenna, is the football sign of touch down, of winning. So this dream strikes me as the message of , 'so far, job well done.' I'll admit it is a bit hard for me to take it seriously but it seems to be the clear message of this 'communication from beyond.' I will continue indefinitely to 'listen to the voice from beyond' even though I would prefer to be told 'you don't need to listen anymore. you can give your attention to other things.' This dream in the most undemanding and positive way does not allow me to quit, as if I have heard all I need to hear. This is the kind of mistake that is at the heart of some of the great revealed religions. They 'quit listening' for they take what they have heard as the the 'complete and final' voice of God. That can never be the case. As long as humanity has a sense of the Sacred with whom they are connected, the revelation continues, individually and culturally. The God-Human interaction is ongoing.

There is the need to 'keep your antenna trimmed and keep listening.' The 'voice in the dream' seems so weak and barely heard by me at first. It is only after a half day's refection as I go about my routines that the message of the dream becomes apparent. It requires human focused attention to hear ones 'voice from God.' This Jung often said is the correct definition of religion, to listen to the voice of the unconscious as it comes to consciousness. This voice is so easily missed and many have not been even told how to listen to it.

It would be very pretentious of me to share this dream 'cold' to anyone. It is far too personal. It would seem to claim way too much for myself. But I am not claiming anything for myself that is not available to anyone else. So to those with whom I have shared other less flattering personal dreams it is only right that I share this one also.

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